Muslim community opens its doors to the public
WHAT do you do behind those closed doors?
That was the most popular question local Muslims received from inquisitive residents who walked through the doors of Dubbo’s mosque over the weekend.
The Kotku Masjid opened its doors to the public for its first open day and organisers hailed the event as a great success.
Ibrahim Abu Eissa travelled from Sydney to help out local Muslims direct residents through the mosque and answer questions.
Islam prohibits icons and statues in mosques.
Mr Eissa said the church turned place of worship proved to be the highlight of the day.
“People had no idea what to expect when they walked inside,” he said.
“There was a massive curiosity to what happens inside the mosque.”
Inside the small mosque, carpets filled the place with no chairs in sight as Arabic words adorned the walls.
Mr Eissa said the open day cleared several misconceptions about Islam and residents congratulated organisers for a fantastic effort.
“One old lady was so interested and happy to come she took [information on] everything on the table and she loved the [mosque] tour,” he said.
Most visitors to the open day event were older couples and women.
Mr Eissa said although there was not hundreds of people at the weekend, success was measured by the respect and welcoming attitude of residents.
“People were appreciative of the fact they could go in and freely ask questions,” he said.
Mr Eissa said organisers would plan a second open day for next year.